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Explore how the Data Co-Op performs against one of the top global marketing technologies.
Your Most Important Data Partner .
The best data cannot be bought...it can only be shared or bartered for. So how can you gain access?
Compliance and Security
Introducing the 5x5 Data Co-Op
How Do You Plan to Close your Data Divide?
The data economy has been ruled by a select handful of data giants for the past couple decades, thus creating the Data Divide. Those who do not have access to robust data ecosystems, infrastructures, and acquisition methods suffer long-term consequences preventing them from being truly data-driven, further fueling this data divide. The Data Co-Op brings members together to bridge the data divide. Data disparities cannot be solved by one data partner alone. As a Co-Op, we enable organizations to access the data they need at a fixed cost, so collectively, we can align efforts to bridge the data divide.
Unlimited access to your data assets
Unlock your full potential through unlimited access to consumption validated data with flexible delivery options.
All Benefits are at a Fixed Price
Have a fixed price per data asset. Never deal with increasing storage and processing costs with licensing and usage restrictions.
Lifetime Membership to the Co-Op
Don’t limit your data capabilities with a fixed number of data consumption credits or competitive termination clauses.
We are looking for strategic members to help build the most powerful data cooperative in the world. If this is interesting to you, contact the founders here.
The most powerful Data Acquisition Machine-In The Market.
Our members are part of the data sourcing process and ecosystem. Collectively the Co-Op has become more powerful than any one provider or partner could be on their own.